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A medicine
Service APp

I created iMed, a medicine delivery service app that delivers your medicine to your doorstep within 24hrs. This app caters to various user profiles in need of ordering medicines for their ailments. This app allows users to


• Search for medicines

• Order medicines

• Get basic information about medicines

• Compare alternative options available for the medicines

• Provide order tracking information

• Live chat a physician for advice

• To buy prescriptive medicine

• Scan and upload prescriptive medicine documents.

Olay Presentation 3 version4.png


To revitalize Olay brand targeting late Gen Z and post-millennial females aged 18-35 y.o. Based on research and insights, this project aims to simulate a real-world scenario by using design thinking methodology to identify the consumer needs and pain points while fulfilling the executive intent. In this project, I’ve created a prototype Olay eCommerce website and also have suggested how to increase leads from new channels.

Mini UX/UI Assignment


Recreating Maybank2U Sg App 

In this assignment, I was to envision a new Maybank2u SG app on the mobile platform by using data & behavioral insights to back up on my vision within 5 days. I did some online research and made featured parity across multiple competitor platforms. And have decided to put my focus on New Customer Sign-up after some findings.


Design a nutrition app

In this assignment, I envisioned a new patient app (4 screens) where patients will receive their customized nutrition plans daily and a dashboard (4 screens) for clinicians to track and schedule processes. 


to ReDesign a mobile app Account
Onboarding user Flow

In this assignment, I had to redesign an account onboarding user flow for an existing InvestCloud app by strategizing to enhance the experience with specific improvements in clarity, simplicity, and user engagement.

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