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Company Background

ConnectedLife Health’s remote care platform helps clinicians to monitor their patient's health and wellbeing using an interactive web responsive dashboard. The mobile and smartwatch applications for patients assist in sending out timely notifications to adhere to their medication, exercise and other schedules as well as to track their vital data and activity.


We believe that nutrition plays an important role in a patient’s overall well being. Hence tracking their meals and suggesting them a suitable plan can help in their recovery.


Design a user flow and 1 to 4 screens for patient app and clinician dashboard each, representing the nutrition flow - tracking and scheduling process.

Design Strategy

1) Do competitive Research


2) How to make our product stand out in the market?

Who knows better our health and medical records than our doctors/GP who has been reviewing our health conditions more closely than ourselves. Hence they are the ones to give the best advice and recommendations.

3) Identify who are the target users

1) Clinic/hospital    2) Patients


4) Know thy user:

Conduct interviews or create a sequential interactive survey for both users categories. Ask questions about the Five Ws that affect their decision making. More than often, we make daily or “less critical” decisions like what to eat based on our emotions, hence knowing the user’s emotional schema would be critical for the success of this product.


5) Ideate: Solutions

• Add in special feature (e.g live Chat)

• Improve usability

• Customized and personalized regime plans
• Design the product using persuasion, emotions and trust by
utilizing the PET tools

• Send periodically motivation notes/quotes to motivate users in
this case the patients. Let them know we are here to help them
get back on track and they are not alone in this

• Let users know we care about their progress, what works and
what doesn’t. That their feedback/comments are important
• Update health-related articles to educate users


6) Design: Prototype (Figma)

Nutrition App for Patients:

ConnectedLife Assignment2.png
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